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Augmented Reality products development

Augmented Reality (AR) is technology that allows virtual elements to appear on top of our real world via mobile device's or smart glasses.

There is an endless amount of possibilities of using this technology from marketing and advertising to practical training and simulations.

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Here are some of the areas that we can help empower your product with Augmented Reality











Real Estate

Augmented reality headsets and goggles lets users project digital information over real life images. For example  applications to help doctors prepare for operations or as a tool to study anatomy.

AR in Medicine


AR for

3D Demonstration

Augmented reality allows you to view any 3D model in the real world, in full scale, with full interaction, enabling learning, training and demonstration of a variety of products such as electronic devices, machines, furniture, vehicles and more.


AR in Education

With augmented reality
students can interact with educational content in a novel and fun way. This is an effective way to engage students and reinforce concepts they’ve seen during classes.


AR in Advertising

Augmented reality technology is very appealing and attractive.  This is an excellent way to expose your product

or business to your audience and impress them with your innovation.


AR in

Real Estate

Augmented reality is being used by real estate professionals to bring traditional plans such as blueprints and photos to life in front of the customer. For example, by using AR technology, a real estate professional can pop up a lifelike 3D model of a home that is completely interactive. The model appears like a hologram, allowing the client to modify features and design such as color and try out different pieces of furniture.

AR in T0urism

Augmented reality technology is revolutionizing 

travelers' experiences by making planning and the travel  more simple, interactive and easy.

This technology allows placing virtual guiding elements and information on top of the real world. Examples would be accessing tourist information, navigating around your destination, translating written or spoken signs or conversations, and locating dining and entertainment options.

all of this can be done simply through an app on your mobile device.


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